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Chambre Champs de Lavande


Hôtel Les Agassins

Chambre Champs de Lavande
From 3:00 PM
Before 12:00 PM
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Ahhh, Provence! The song of the cicadas, the sun’s caress… This luminous hotel room awakens the senses, invites you to relax and savor your journey. The room pays homage to the region, with paintings of Provençal landscapes and lavender walls. A total change of scenery!

We love how the spaciousness and light of this room refresh the spirit. And just look at the French door that opens onto a view of lush Mediterranean greenery! Not to mention the marvelous terrace, where you can just sit and listen to the wind in the trees. Disconnect, grab a good book and soak up the atmosphere while you breathe in the refreshing scents of the country air.

In the bathroom, Bathe natural toiletry products for your use. Also, a window, sink and lovely bathtub. Rest, rest and more rest.


Tips from Mediterraneans

La Table des Agassins
Choose seating by the pool or inside the beautiful dining room at your hotel’s restaurant. Local wines to accompany dishes created with the best seasonal produce the open-air markets of Provence have to offer. A delightful culinary voyage through Provence. If you’ve got energy to spare after your meal, take a dip in the pool! And if you’ve had a drop too much to drink, you won’t have any trouble getting back to your room…
For me, Avignon in a single word is the Palais des Papes.
What I can’t live without in Avignon? The sunshine!
A woman from Avignon in two words: accent and smile.
A man from Avignon in two words: welcoming and charming.
My favorite monument in Avignon? The Palais des Papes.
My favorite restaurant in Avignon? La Mirande.
My favorite shop in Avignon? Souléïado
The client I’d like to have? Harrison Ford.
My secret hobby? Traveling.
And my wildest dream is to go around the world. There! Now you know (almost) everything!

Hôtel Les Agassins

52 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 84130 Le Pontet, France


Les Alpilles lumineuses, les champs de LAVANDE balayés par le mistral, le Lubéron et ses VILLAGES secrets perchés, dorés par le soleil, les champs d’oliviers et les ruelles étroites sont enchanteurs et invitent le voyageur à une FLANERIE toute méditerranéenne. L’habitant ? Panama sur le crâne et toujours entre deux festivals.

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