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Chambre Bain de Soleil


Hôtel Renoir

Chambre Bain de Soleil
From 3:00 PM
Before 3:00 PM
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So much light in this room! But the moment you enter, you’ll see nothing but the large bay window and Cannes laid out before you! The palm trees of La Croisette, the sun, the blue sky… And at sunset it’s utterly magnificent. Don’t forget to breathe!

The large, ultra-comfortable bed faces the bay window. So dramatic! You won’t want to move. You can set your laptop on the small desk to send one more email before closing it up for the weekend.

The bathroom, which is open to the room, features a large Italian shower big enough for two! Black and white photos on the wall remind you just where you are.

View of Cannes !

Tips from Mediterraneans

Yomo Lounge
A few minutes from your hotel, there’s an extra-cozy Lebanese restaurant you won’t want to miss. We love the tastefully hip décor. The Mediterranean menu with a Lebanese flair will thrill your taste buds and leave no doubt that you’re in the spicy south! And in the freshness of the dishes, you can taste the sea and the sun! We recommend the sampler menu, which will take you on a culinary voyage around the Mediterranean.
25 rue Hoche, 06400 Cannes
00 33 4 93 39 50 00
I was born in Brioude, in the Haute-Loire region, volcano country. Compared to that, Cannes is wild…
The sea and the Lérins Islands are marvelous.
My favorite restaurant in Cannes? Le Cabanon.
My favorite boutique? Jean-Luc Pelé, the chocolatier.
An anecdote? A guest used the hotel shampoo (a 30 mm tube) and wanted to sue because she got a drop of it in her eye.
The quality I appreciate in others? Honesty.
The quality I appreciate most in a place? Harmony.
My motto? Don’t take life too seriously because, in any case, you won’t get out alive.

Hôtel Renoir

7 Rue Edith Cavell, 06400 Cannes, France


Le climat doux des côtes méditerranéennes se conjugue à merveille avec les PALMIERS, la mer turquoise, les CALANQUES et l’art de vivre local. Cités balnéaires au temps suspendu, sieste obligatoire et apéro au PASTIS font de cette région une divinve échappée ensoleillée. L’habitant ? Scooter et lunettes de soleil.

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